About Me

Howdy! I’m Nellie Tobey. An artist and programmer. Painting, drawing, coding, writing, I am always on the lookout for a new experiment to run, and to learn from. Whether it be a piece of Python code, or a canvas to slab some oil paint on, I aim to learn from every project. Fail or succeed, there’s always something to be gained from trying something new.

If you want to play with some Python, visit my whispering wall. She’s a snarky chatbot that uses NLTK to parse user entered data, and a set of scripts to return a reply to the user. https://nelliesnoodles.pythonanywhere.com/WIWA

If you want to see some interactive Vanilla JavaScript in action, check out this little game demo I made as a facilitator for https://chingu.io/ .

The game link: https://nelliesnoodles.github.io/project_css2/

The goal is to not get hit, and destroy all the viruses!

I love to solve problems and find new things to learn. I hope to share my programming experiments here, so that other new learners can take them, break them, and have fun learning.

My son’s favorite book growing up was: A Naked Mole Rat Get’s Dressed. Try something new. Even if others may not understand.

Why not?